Sant Bartomeu de Soldeu

Sant Bartomeu de Soldeu is a small church located at the eastern end of Soldeu, following the communication path that Soldeu had with the Fra Miquel pass, now called Col d'Envalira.

Sant Jaume de Ransol

The church was built in 1827, when the altarpiece was also installed.

Sant Cerni de Canillo

It is the parish church of the old town of Canillo, in Andorra. The current church was built during the Baroque period in the 17th and 18th centuries and remains of the 12th century Romanesque building are visible.

Sant Pere del Tarter

It is a rectangular church with a square apse that can not be seen from the outside. The roof consists of two slopes, in wood and slate slab, on a wooden frame, except in the apse, covered with a barrel vault.

Sant Miquel de Prats

The Romanesque church of Sant Miquel de Prats is a fine example of Andorran rural romanesque style.